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Who is the administrator of your personal data?

The administrator of your personal data is Bolf Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., located at Kożuchowska 32 st. in Zielona Góra, Poland, e-mail:

The administrator makes every effort to protect personal data in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as well as with the repeal of the Directive 95/46/EC together with other provisions of generally applicable law protecting the rights of data subjects.

What data is processed? website uses technology of storing and gaining access to information on your computer or other device connected to the network (particularly with using cookies) regarding your Internet activity for the purpose of presenting to you customized advertisements, assessment of some information about you also within automated processing of personal data, i.e. profiling (we analyze your activity so that we can better adjust to the specified general groups of our customers without substantially influencing their decisions – unless you express a separate consent to that), market and statistical analysis and improving the quality of the information presented to you. This technology is also used by our partners, with whom we cooperate, who can install such files on your device when you are using our services as well. The list of partners that we work with in this field, as well as more information about the gathering of data by the website is available in our [Privacy Policy].

When can you revoke your consent to use cookies?

The consent may be revoked at any time – it will not affect the legitimacy of processing that had been done before the withdrawal.

What if you resign from using cookies?

Not accepting cookies allowing to display advertisements customized to your preferences does not mean that you will not receive any commercial content while using our or other websites – in this case, you will still receive the same amount of advertisements but they will not be associated with your activity on our website.

How will the website work without accepting cookies?

When you don’t give your consent to the use of cookies, the files necessary for the correct work of our website can still be saved on your device (e.g. those regarding the language setup, filling forms, shopping, etc.). You can modify these settings in your Internet browser but some elements of our website will then not work correctly.

Detailed information on the purposes of processing

Your personal data obtained through the use of cookies will be processed by us and our Partners with your consent for the purpose of providing various marketing services.

If you additionally agree to profiling using appropriate tools, your personal data will be able to be processed to adjust our offers by us and our Partners to your preferences and needs, and the more often you use our services and purchase our products, the better promotions and bonuses we will be able to prepare for you.

Period of data processing

Your data will be processed until there is a basis for processing, it means, the time of revoking, limiting or other actions from your side to restrict the given consent unless the law obliges us to continue processing of your data or we will be storing it longer in case of potential claims within the non-claim period in accordance with the law, the Civil Code in particular.

Your rights

In accordance with the applicable regulations, every person has the right to request access to the information provided, i.e. personal data, the right to change and remove it or limit the processing, the right to object to the processing, as well as to transfer the data. Moreover, every person has the right to revoke the given consent at any time with no effect on the legitimacy of processing that had been done on the base of the consent before its withdrawal, as well as the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority.

Who and in what circumstances can we transfer the data?

We can pass your data to other entities that we cooperate with to run our website and application, e.g. subjects that support us in marketing campaigns, that have our software serviced, that support us and the work of our devices and systems, as well as those that provide us with on-going legal service, however, with the warranty of ensuring the implementation of proper technical and organizational means which protect the personal data.

Your data can be made available to public administration authorities and entities performing public tasks or acting on behalf of public administration offices to the extent and for purposes specified by law.

The website includes plugins to social networks and other social networking tools which can result in transferring personal data to other administrators or third parties.

Pixel Facebook automatically gathers information about how the customers use our website in the scope of browsing the pages. The information is most often transferred to Facebook’s server in the USA and stored there.

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google Analytics automatically gathers information about how the customers use our website. The information is most often transferred to Google’s server in the USA.

While displaying our website including such a plugin, your browser will establish a direct connection with the servers of social network administrators (service providers). The content of the plugin is passed by the service provider directly to your browser and integrated with the website. Due to this integration, the service providers receive information that your browser has displayed our website even if you do not have a profile with them or if you are not signed in at the moment. Such information (along with your IP address) is sent by your browser directly to the service provider’s server.

If you had logged into one of the social networking sites, that particular service provider will be able to assign your visit on our website to your social networking profile.

If you use a particular plugin, e.g. by clicking the ‘I like’ or ‘Share’ button, certain information will be sent to the server of a particular service provider and will be stored there.

If you do not want the social networking sites to assign your data directly to your profile while visiting our website, you have to log out from that site before the visit at our website. You can also entirely block the loading of plugins at the website by going to add-on settings in your browser, e.g. script blocking.

How to contact the administrator of your personal data?

Feel free to contact us at any time:

BOLF Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
ul Kożuchowska 32
65-364 Zielona Góra Poland
NIP (VAT number): PL9291861928
REGON (National Business Registry No.): 360003583

You can also contact our personal data inspector: e-mail:

Thanks to the technologies that store and gain access to the information on your device connected to the network (using cookies in particular), website and its partners can assess your activity and adjust the advertisements and displayed content to your preferences. Information obtained by the means of these technologies can be acknowledged as your personal details.

Giving consent will allow us or our partners to use profiling technologies. Your consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time.
The active field means that you have agreed to profiling.

If you want to adjust the offer to your needs, you agree to our assessment of your activity by using cookies. You have to activate the button and the displayed content will adjust to your preferences. Giving consent will allow us to use technologies based on profiling. Your consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time. The active field means that you have agreed to the profiling.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

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Women's Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are one of the most favourite parts of women's apparel. They are comfy, warm and at the same time possess a fashionable and trendy look. It's a perfect replacement of jumpers and suit jackets for colder days. Modern fashion designers offer more and more cuts that are good not only during home time or training in a fitness club, but also fit great during a meeting with friends, a night out, going to a cinema, on shopping, at school or even work if there's no dress code. Women's sweatshirts are more and more versatile and therefore it's worth to have them if you want to match fashion with comfort. Popular cuts are overheads and fastened models - by zipper or press studs. The second type of fastening is characteristic for trendy baseball jackets. Stylized on clothes of American youngsters from the 80's and 90's are already considered as iconic. They work perfectly while matched to classic jeans and short skirts creating extremely hot women's college style. A good choice are oversized sweatshirts, often called boyfriends, that are the reflection of fashionable streetwear style. If it comes to patterns and colours, the offer is really broad - the trendiest sweatshirts are available in expressive colours, plain or have prints, various patterns and textures, badges or even studds and diamantes. In such apparel you can, without any fear, show yourself to the entire world at any time of the year. However, warm and pleasant in touch sweatshirts made of fleece or velveteen are rather a reliable offer for cold winter days. It's worth having such kind of women's clothes that let every woman feel both extremely comfortable and trendy.